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uscaStocks that Trade in the U.S. or in both Canada and the U.S. Company Ratings do not consider the circumstances of any individual investor and are therefore not  Investment Advice
Name Symbol last update date and price Generic Rating(Explanation of Ratings)
Global Exchange Traded Funds Various Sept 25, 2017 Not rated  AMZN, U.S.  Nov. 27 ’17 at$1196  Sell
American Express AXP, U.S. June 5, ’18 at$99.34 (higher) Buy
Berkshire Hathaway BRKB, U.S. June 3, ’17 at  $192.23   (lower) Buy
BHP Billiton Limited and BHP Billiton plc BHP, Australia
BBL, U.S. (this is plc)
Jan. 27, ’18 at U.S. $50.00 for ADR that is 2 BHPAustralian$30.85 per BHP Speculative Buy
Canadian National Railway Company CNR, Toronto CNI, U.S. April 28, ’18 at CAN$100.65 or U.S.$78.31 (lower) Buy
COSTCO COST, U.S. August 14, ’17 at U.S. $220.21  Weak Sell /Hold
CRH Medical Corporation CRH, Toronto, CRHM, U.S. August 4, 2018 at U.S. $3.45 and CAN $4.49 Speculative Buy
FedEx Corporation FDX, U.S. April 30, ’18 at U.S. $247  Buy
Fortis Inc FTS, Toronto and U.S. Dec. 28, ’17 at  $46.18 and U.S. $36.72 (higher) Buy
Heineken N.V. HEIA, Amsterdam or Two HEINY, U.S. April 8, ’18 at90.20 euros or two at $55.20 (lower) Sell
Royal Bank of Canada  RY, Toronto and U.S.  Dec. 17, ’17 at CAN $101.92 or U.S. $79.17  (higher) Buy
Stantec Inc. STN, Toronto and U.S. August 9 ’18 at CAN $34.14 or U.S. $26.20  (lower) Buy
Starbucks SBUX August 25, ’18 at U.S. $52.75 Buy
Toll Brothers Inc. TOL, U.S. August 27, ’18 at U.S. $37.52 Strong Buy
Visa V, U.S. June 4, ’18 at U.S. $133.26 Weak Buy / Hold
Walmart WMT, U.S. Oct. 19, ’17 at U.S. $86.22 (lower) Sell
caAll the Stocks below trade in Canada but may in some cases also trade on “Pink Sheets” in the U.S Company Ratings do not consider the circumstances of any individual investor and are therefore not Investment Advice
Name Symbol last update date and price Generic Rating(Explanation of Ratings)
Canadian Exchange Traded Funds Various March 6 17, 2017 Not rated
Alimentation Couche-Tard ATD.B, Toronto July 12, 2018 at$62.20 Buy
AutoCanada ACQ, Toronto August 11, ’18 at $10.75  Speculative Buy
Canadian Western Bank CWB, Toronto September 1, ’18 at $35.50 (higher) Buy
Canadian Tire CTC.a, Toronto May 30, ’18 a $164.78  (higher) Buy
Ceapro Inc.  CZO, Venture September 3, ’18 at $0.45 Sell
Constellation Software CSU, Toronto August 17, ’18 at CAN $949 Weak Buy / Hold
Dollarama DOL, Toronto Nov 25, ’17 at$162.03 (lower) Sell
Linamar Corporation LNR, Toronto March 19, ’18 at $71.73 Strong Buy
Melcor Developments MRD, Toronto August 5, ’18 at $14.52 Strong Buy
TFI International Inc.  TFI, Toronto August 2, 2018 at $45.49  Buy
WSP Global Inc. WSP, Toronto Feb. 5, 2018 at$58.75 Buy
Income Trusts / Preferred Shares and other Higher Yield Entities
Canadian Western Bank Rate Reset Preferred Shares CWB.PR.B, Toronto June 11, ’18 at24.33 to yield 4.52% and currently projected to reset to 5.0% in April 2019.  Buy
Enbridge Inc. Rate Reset Preferred Shares  ENB.PF.A, Toronto  September 12, 2017 at $20.87 to yield 5.2%   Buy
Melcor REIT MR.UN, Toronto  August 1, ’18 at $8.17 to yield 8.2%  (lower) Buy
Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund BPF.un, Toronto August 29, ’18 at $18.09 to yield 7.6% Speculative Buy
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust REI.UN, Toronto Sept. 18, ’17 at$23.84 to yield 5.9% Buy
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