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Yahoo Finance Canadian
Yahoo Finance United States
Globe Investor

Online quote for life insurance (Compare quotes from top companies – licensed for Ontario, and B.C. residents, with Alberta coming soon)

Preferred Shares Site
Financial Post
Globe and Mail Stock Screen Tool

Cost of Living Estimator by City and country Worldwide

Currency conversion (including historical dates)

Bank of Canada New Exchange Rate Page (much of this data only starts in 2017)

Currency conversion Bank of Canada (Get a spreadsheet showing each day in the year of your choice. This is for older data it stops in April 2017)

Alberta economic dashboard

Statistics Canada Life Expectancy and Deaths (Interesting data!)

Statistics Canada Economic Dashboard (Excellent graphs but click on the 12 month percent change tab or the index tab – the one month change figures seem relatively meaningless – basically statistical noise)

Statistics Canada Consumer Price Index Visualization Tool (This is very neat!) Choose the 12-month change or the index view. Many people doubt the accuracy of inflation figures. This tool allows you to explore the official numbers by many categories such as just food or just footwear.

CNW Press Releases Newswire
Teranet Canadian Home Price Index
Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada
Canadian Bankers Association – Statistics including mortgages in arrears.

U.S. Federal Reserve Loan and Mortgage Write-Offs
Canadian Financial Reports (This site has every financial and press release for every publicly traded entity in Canada)
Canadian Insider Trading Reports
TransUnion Canada credit rating reports

Bank of Canada Balance Sheet (Note the ability quickly see a history graph of each line item)

Bank of Canada Interest Rates

Bank of Canada – Canadian Government Bond Yields (One to thirty years)
U.S. Treasury Yields (Interest rate yields on U.S. government debt from 1 month to 30 years)
Who Buys U.S. Treasuries (mostly dealers and investment funds buy them)
Foreign holders of U.S. Treasuries (By country with Japan and China as the biggest holders but this would include both government and institutional / private ownership in each country)

Rail Car Loading Reports (Rail car loadings are an excellent indicator of the state of the economy. This excellent graphical site has separate graphs for U.S., Canada and Mexico)

Canada’s Trade, Investment, Travel and Employment with/from various World Countries

Canadian Marginal Tax Rates (This might bring a tear to your eye)

Canadian Annuities
American Annuities
Warren Buffett / Berkshire Hathaway

Warren Buffett’s annual letters
’77 – present
’57 – ’70

Tools to Calculate Adjusted Cost Base

How to Calculate Adjusted Cost Base for U.S. and other foreign currency (for Canadians)

Hedge Fund with Strong Track Record

High Quality Dividend Stock Advice (Mostly geared to the U.S. but some Canadian content, includes free articles and paid services with free trial)
Broy Engineering – Manufacturers of Logmaster utility products such as recording voltmeters, ammeters, transformer last check, and load spotter.
Motel – North Sydney, Nova Scotia (Owned by the Allen family)

CPA Alberta registered Professional Accounting Firm for services to small businesses and their owners throughout central Alberta.

Mortgage payment / amortization schedule calculator

Lease or purchase calculator (Will show you how much interest is embedded in a lease and you can verify that the lease amount is correct with no hidden adders)

See your Eligibility for Canada’s Guaranteed Income Supplement GIS (For Single People)
Note that the income amounts in the table are annual while the GIS shown is monthly. Multiply the GIS by 12 for the annual amount.
Singles can qualify for at least some GIS with income including OAS of up to $30,000!

Use the following calculator for singles or couples. Couples in certain circumstances (small pensions) and two small part-time jobs can get at least some GIS with earnings up to about $60,000 total.

Guaranteed Income Supplement GIS Calculator.
Note that you enter after tax income EXCLUDING OAS and excluding the first $5000 of wage income and 50% of the second $10,000 of wage income. Most people eligible to receive GIS probably pay close to zero income tax. Important to know: GIS is reduced by 50 cents of each extra dollar earned from CPP or wages (after the exclusion noted above) and that extra income may also be subject to tax or effect GST and many other income-tested programs.



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