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Free Reports and Article Subject Areas Number of Reports / Articles
Money Creation and Central Bank Liquidity Injection 1
Bitcoin  1
Getting Started Investing including how to very quickly set up a low-fee diversified portfolio 4
 Understanding the Canadian Economy – Brief breakdown of GDP by industry and exports / imports by country (Updated February 15 2024) 1
Owning a Business Versus Owning Stocks 1
The Jobs Economy versus The Future Post-Jobs Jobless Economy 1
 Our Warren Buffett Articles 7
How to Calculate the Value of Known Cash Flows 1
Saving versus Investing – The difference, the rewards from each and understanding where the returns come from 2
Fixed Income and Bond Investing and Bond Trading 5
Accumulating Wealth – Getting Rich 10
Understanding Risk and Reward – Safe Stocks versus Risky Stocks versus Guaranteed Investments – Asset Allocation and historical returns 9
How the Stock Market Works 11
How to Pick Stocks Based on Fundamentals – Earnings, growth and risk 15
Essential Accounting Knowledge for Investors 9
Understanding and Using The Price / Earnings Ratio – From the Basics to very advanced 8
Understanding Growth, and Return – Find Growth at a Reasonable Price 9
Management Disclosure and Behavior Issues 4
InvestorsFriend Shareholder Advocacy Activities 1
Pension Articles 4
Our Canadian Business Hall of Shame 1
How Banks Make Money Lending Money and How You Can Invest Like a Bank 2

Market valuations
Investment Presentation Nov 2012 (PDF IconPDF Version)

Utility Cost of Capital Presentation  (PDF IconPDF Version)

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