Are Stocks A Good Investment Now?

The Articles below explore in depth the question of whether or not North American markets appear to offer good value or not at this time. They also explore the actual historical return of Stocks versus Bonds and Cash.

It’s would be easy to merely speculate on whether markets are fairly valued or not. But we think it’s a lot more meaningful to so some math and examine lots of
historical data before forming opinions.

Article Recent Update
Long-Term Returns to Expect from the Dow Jones Industrial Average May 18, 2013
Proof and Discussion that Large Cap. Stock Indexes can be Expected to Average around 7% annually in the long-term (Quoting Warren Buffett) May 25, 2013
Graphical Proof Of the Relationship Between DOW Returns versus Earnings and Dividends January 20, 2018
Is the Toronto  S&P/TSX Composite Index Fairly Valued at This Time? November 29, 2016
Canadian Exchange Traded Funds (PE Ratios and Yields) January 1, 2019
Global / International Exchange Traded Funds (P/E ratios and price to book) November 25, 2018
 What is the Fair Value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index? April 16, 2017
What is the Fair Value of the S&P 500 Index? January 20, 2021
 How Do Stock Returns Compare to Bond, Cash and Gold Returns? October 18, 2020

Special Report on Asset Allocation in Retirement – Actual Data
April 2012
Special Report on Asset Allocation During the Savings Phase April 2012