Guest Feature: An Outsider Look at General Electric

July 2, 2019

Happy Canada Day!  Hopefully this article is a nice start to your first day back to work.  I am proud to introduce my second, but not any less important, guest writer: Mark Letchumanan.  Today’s post comes almost 4 months after Mark first submitted to me this writing on GE’s new CEO.  Fortunately, Mark’s words are timeless.  I hope you find as much value from his insight as I did.

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2017 Annual Investment Review

May 10, 2018

Hey Everyone,

The email is about an hour read, so for the 90% of you who have more important things to do, the sections are outlined in big, bold font in the following order:

  1. Results
  2. Portfolio
  3. Performance Analysis
  4. Lessons Learned in 2017
  5. My Thoughts On…
  6. Current Opportunities 2018
  7. New Resources
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In the Footsteps of Buffet: More Value, Morguard

March 21, 2018

Hey Everyone,

It’s been awhile since I last emailed. But fear not, I have no shortage of topics to discuss. Today’s email is about a 10 minute read.

At the beginning of this week I invested in a company that I just recently discovered. Do I think it’s a necessary part of your portfolio? No, but if you’re interested in real estate, or looking for diversification, I think you will do well with this company. If you’re on Reddit, you may have seen my post on this already. I have expanded on it after feedback, but to augment this email, I’ll also quickly address some other market opportunities:

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Buying Opportunity: CCL Industries

August 9, 2017

Hey Everyone,

Quick note on one of our favourite companies, CCL Industries (CCL.B). They’ve been on a steady decline for a couple months now, and granted they are quite a popular holding in many portfolios, so perhaps they were a bit richly valued. That being said, yesterday I read their earnings report and it was one of the most impressive I’ve read yet. So why are their shares dropping?

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Cineplex Disappoints

August 2, 2017

Update: You may have noticed Cineplex stock has performed quite miserably since this post.  This is a great example of someone (me) presenting lots of facts yet getting it entirely wrong.  I describe my mistakes and lessons in my 2017 Annual Review, which I highly recommend reading after this.

Good Morning Everyone,

Woke up to some great news this morning! Investors aren’t impressed with Cineplex’s most recent earnings report which opened up a fantastic buying opportunity.  So why weren’t investors impressed?  Well check out the report here:

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The Future of Energy

February 25, 2017

Hello All,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Alberta Ecotrust’s 2017 Environmental Gathering on behalf of my employer, and earlier this week our CEO also made a site visit in which he discussed the outlook for energy.

According to our CEO, Canada has put together a variety of “plans” to achieve our GHG goals by 2050, and I was surprised by their conclusions:

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US Election

November 5, 2016

Hello All,

You may have noticed that North American stocks have been falling quite consistently lately. In fact, the US S&P 500 has fallen for 9 days straight, the most in 36 years. In light of the surprising Brexit vote, people are obviously quite scared that Trump might actually win the US election.

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July 21, 2016

Hey guys,

Been awhile, hope everyone’s doing swell. Quick note on Questrade. The Globe & Mail does brokerage comparisons every year and their 2015 one is here. Didn’t realize I was getting robbed by TD via commissions until I looked at their competitors. Did a bunch more research a found Questrade to be the best value. Some highlights:

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