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November 5, 2016

Hello All,

You may have noticed that North American stocks have been falling quite consistently lately. In fact, the US S&P 500 has fallen for 9 days straight, the most in 36 years. In light of the surprising Brexit vote, people are obviously quite scared that Trump might actually win the US election.

For long term investors this is all just a blip in our investment horizons. So if you’re thinking of investing anytime soon I would encourage you to keep an eye out on some of your favorite companies this upcoming week. Here is an article that shows the US exposure of Canada’s 60 biggest companies:

On this list, the ones I own are Gildan, Agrium, CN Rail, TD Bank, and Emera.

Some other ones that I own that also have substantial exposure to the US (and have hence taken a hit within the last few days) are Stantec, Logistec, and Linamar. These 3 and Gildan are all at an incredible discount right now, especially Linamar, and are definitely at the top of my watch list.

And one company that I don’t own yet but also has significant exposure to the US is Stella-Jones.

Another note: the US economy is looking particularly strong right now and as a result the US is anticipated to raise the interest rates in December so Emera’s shares will likely fall leading up to that decision since their shares are considered “bond-like” (because actual bonds will have a higher return than before, rendering Emera’s shares not as attractive).



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