Cineplex Disappoints

This article was initially written on August 2, 2017 before joining InvestorsFriend.

Update: You may have noticed Cineplex stock has performed quite miserably since this post.  This is a great example of someone (me) presenting lots of facts yet getting it entirely wrong.  I describe my mistakes and lessons in my 2017 Annual Review, which I highly recommend reading after this.


Good Morning Everyone,

Woke up to some great news this morning! Investors aren’t impressed with Cineplex’s most recent earnings report which opened up a fantastic buying opportunity.  So why weren’t investors impressed?  Well check out the report here:

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This article was initially written on March 19, 2017 before joining InvestorsFriend.

Hey everyone,

I have yet again discovered a fairly high risk/reward company, and yet again it was because of (but way after) The Motley Fool (I may eventually get a subscription tbh).

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The Future of Energy

This article was initially written on February 25, 2017 before joining InvestorsFriend.

Hello All,

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending Alberta Ecotrust’s 2017 Environmental Gathering on behalf of my employer, Capital Power, and earlier this week our CEO also made a site visit in which he discussed the outlook for energy.

According to our CEO, Canada has put together a variety of “plans” to achieve our GHG goals by 2050, and I was surprised by their conclusions:

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This article was initially written on November 26, 2016 before joining InvestorsFriend.

Hey All,

Shopify is a company I recently discovered that goes against nearly every investment tenet I have ever stood for, including:

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