September 14, 2020

Markets rose once again on Monday with the S&P 500 up 1.3% and Toronto up 0.85%.

American Express was up 3.8%. Restaurant Brands was up 3.5% and Apple was up 3.0%.

Riwi Corporation was down 12.1% and is worth considering as a speculative pick.

AutoCanada ended the day down 0.4% at $18.80. Earlier in the day it got as high as $19.79. I sold about 40% of my shares in this company today to take advantage of the recent increase and becasue I was over-weight in this company. I had added to my position in 2019 and 2018 at lower prices and so I was able to sell at a good gain despite the price still being well down from where I originally started buying this stock. It may continue to do well but I was not sure that all of the recent run-up was justified and it has had a history of volatility. One thing I noticed was it had good trading volume. I was easily able to sell several thousand shares without having to offer the shares below the last traded price.

The report on WSP Global is updated but rated only Weak Sell / Hold at $89.16. The company looks expensive and seems to be projecting an earnings decline for this year due to the pandemic. But it also has a strong history. If I held it and was looking to raise cash I would probably reduce my position. I have never owned this one.

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