September 8, 2013 Comments

On Friday the S&P 500 was unchanged and Toronto was down 0.2%.

I entered some orders today to move some cash in my TD Waterhouse investment accounts into TDB 8150. I understand this account pays 1.25% per year as noted int he bottom row of the table of stocks picks above. Rooting around the TD site and also on I was not able to find the current interest rate but I believe it is still 1.25% per year. Mostly I just leave my cash in the investment account cash category so that it is instantly available for investment. However, at this time I have relatively large cash balances and so I figured I may as well collect some interest.

In my RESP account I only had three stocks (Canadian Tire, Melcor, and Toll Brothers) and a lot of cash (having recently sold some shares in that account) and so I just placed an order to buy some Wells Fargo for that account. In this account I also have orders in to add to the Canadian Tire and to buy Canadian Western Bank – but those orders are below the market and may not be filled.

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