September 13, 2021

On Monday, the S&P 500 and Toronto were each up 0.2%.

Readers may notice a couple of ads now appearing on this site.  I am not endorsing the products sold in the ads. I will see how this goes and if the ads are not causing harm I will leave them. An ad provider approached me and I said I would give it a try but that I was leery of what type of ads might appear.

Oil is back over U.S. $70 which is nicely profitable for most oil producers.

I’m working now to add Enbridge to the site.

The rail saga today saw CN shares down 1.9% and CP about unchanged. I was able to buy back CN shares at about the same price I sold recently. This was in a non-taxable account. I bought back half the CN shares I had held. I may buy more if the price dips. I had meant this as a long-term hold but sold when they got the unfavorable ruling about the Kansas City purchase.

The actions of the activist 5% shareholder group are interesting. They do have a good group of four directors proposed. But CN is not in such bad shape at all that it really needs to listen to this group. Going in with public insults to the current Board may not be a great way to get them to listen. I’m not sure anything will come of it at all.

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