Restaurant Brands (QSR) Updated August 3, 2019

Restaurant Brands is updated and remains rated Weak Buy / Hold now at U.S. 77.22 or Canadian $101.02.

This was only added to our list in late July but is now updated for its just released Q2 earnings report. Q2 has strong same-store sales of 3.6% at Burger King and 3.0% at the far smaller Popeyes chain. But Tim Hortons was almost flat at 0.5%. Due mostly to added Burger King locations, revenues per share were up 5.4% and earnings per share were up 6.9%. These are god numbers but not that great given the trailing P/E ratio of 32. The stock could continue to do well driven by international expansion. But it is expensive and so I would prefer to wait and see if there is a pull-back before adding to my small position in this stock.

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