October 25, 2022

Tuesday was a positive day in the markets as the S&P 500 rose 1.6% and Toronto was up 0.9%.

lululemon was up a hefty 7.7%.

Toll Brothers was up 4.3%.

After the close, CN Rail released very strong Q3 results and raised their outlook for the full year. They had originally forecast adjusted earnings growth of 20%. But they lowered that in the Spring to 15 to 20%. Now they suggest the adjusted earnings per share growth will come in at 25%. This is a very strong and very well managed company. I’m glad I own some.

Also after the close VISA Inc. released strong results. This is an extremely strong and well positioned company. As with CN, I am glad to own some.

Investing and especially investment analysis always involves waiting for the next bit of news and the next earnings report hoping that previous predictions pan out. Tomorrow we get a Bank of Canada rate increase as well as their thoughts on the economy and the future. And we will continue to get Q3 earnings reports.



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