November 21, 2021

Markets were weaker on Friday as the S&P 500 was down 0.1 and Toronto was down 0.4%. The DOW which is often more volatile was down 0.75%.

Penny stock RIWI was down another 6% to $1.36 and continues it volatile ways. Hopefully now near the bottom of its range .

I am interested in what inflation is being applied to certain pensions. I understand federal government employee pension plans will get a 2.4% cost of living increase – which of course trails inflation. I’m not sure is they get 60% of official inflation or 100%, looks more like 60%.

Canada Pension gets 100% of official all-items inflation but uses the average of the last 12 inflation reports through October. I suspect it will over a 3% increase.

Old Age pension I understand is actually adjusted every 3 months and so I believe the total increase over the course of 2021 must be over 4%.

In the United States the Social Security inflation increase for 2022 was just announced and it is 5.9%. That seems epic. It could continue to drive high inflation expectations. It also increases the U.S. unfunded liabilities which were already massive. But so far those liabilities have not been a problem.

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