May 2, 2021

On Friday, markets gave back some ground with the S&P 500 down 0.7% and Toronto down 0.8%.

Shopify was down 4.2%.

AutoCanada was down 5.2%.

The next update will be for penny stock Ceapro. It continues to be a waiting game. Most or all of its potential products seem to be a couple years or more from commercialization. But it could license some technologies at any time. It continues to be something of a lottery ticket stock. The good thing is that its existing products are paying the bills and allowing cash to build up despite its R&D expenses. 

Warren Buffett held his annual meeting on Saturday and it included the usual very lengthy question period. Buffett used the first half hour or more to give some history around how hot companies can come and go. An interesting revelation was that Berkshire declined to apply for any government cash that was on the go during the pandemic. He also said that the reason he sold his Airline shares was that they may not have been able to get for government money (which they badly needed) while Berkshire owned a 10% stake. The optics of bailing out Berkshire companies would be too negative.


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