May 16, 2016 11:15 am eastern

This morning, the S&P 500 is up 0.6% and Toronto is up 0.9%.

Oil is up 3.3% to $47.73. This should be good for all the Alberta-based companies on our list.

The Canadian Real Estate Association reports that home prices for existing homes continue to rise in most areas across Canada. And the number of houses trading hands rose 10% year over year.

A leaked climate change plan from the Ontario government suggests that the government plans to absolutely mandate rather than encourage (through carbon taxes) their view of green energy. The level of government regulation and control seems rather frightening.

A report indicates that U.S. home builder sentiment remains positive and is holding steady. The report indicates that new home sales in the U.S. are running at 511,000 per year. That seems remarkably low considering that Canada has been running close to 200,000 new housing units constructed for years. The two numbers may not be directly comparable since the U.S. figure is for sales and would therefore exclude new housing units built for rental but it is well known that U.S. home building remains far below peak levels and far below the number of new household formations. Ultimately we should see an increase in both home prices and volumes in the U.S. which will be good news for Toll Brothers.

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