March 5, 2023

The recent problems loading this site are caused by the web site hosting company. Yesterday only the home page would load and it was giving an error code [CFN #0005] that I have never seen before. This morning the site is loading quickly and properly. I apologise for these problems. This site has always been hosted at the same place. which was telushosting but that service was sold to easyhosting a year or so ago. I am looking into changing to a better and faster hosting situation.

Meanwhile markets were up relatively sharply on Friday with the S&P 500 up 1.6% and Toronto up 1.2%.

Aecon Inc. added another 7.6% ion further reaction to its recent earnings gain. It’s reported profits are very low. But it actually does look like it MAY be putting certain problems behind it. I will have an update posted shortly.

AutoCanada was down 6.0%. I suspect its issues are more of an industry-wide problem as opposed to company-specific. Higher interest rates are a headwind for the industry both in terms of financing their huge inventories and in terms of affordability for customers.

Costco was down 2.1%. I did add modestly to my position at $471 sand I placed an order for a little more at $451. Although it has retreated from a peak of  $612 last Spring this stock remains expensive. It could certainly drop further as the market realises that its huge and consistent  same-store growth during the pandemic was not sustainable and now same-store growth is returning to more traditional ands sustainable levels such as 6%. But it remains an extremely high quality company and I plan to add to it if and as it declines. Otherwise if it does not decline, well that’s certainly okay.



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