March 29, 2022

Tuesday was another positive and optimistic day in the markets.

The S&P 500 was up 1.2% and Toronto was up 0.5%.

Notable gainers included:

AutoCanada, up a hefty 10.4%

Shopify, up 5.8%.

Toll Brothers, up 4.4%

Starbucks up 3.2%

Linamar, up 3.0%

FedEx, up 3.7%

Visa, up 3.3%

lululemon. up 3.7%

I’ve been erring to the side of caution (increasing my cash position) due to higher interest rates. But the stock market seems unconcerned. And some analysts think that the increase in rates will be short-lived because, they say, it will cause a recession and then rates will go back down. Only time will tell…  But I would note that increasing cash and lowering equity exposure is a vastly different thing than actually shorting or betting against the stock market. That would be a far riskier thing today (unless done to hedge a high allocation to equities). Basically, it’s one thing to simply not own a stock or the overall stock market and a vastly different thing to actively bet against a stock or the overall stock market. I’ve never even considered the later. 


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