March 17, 2022

Thursday was the third day of this market rebound. The S&P 500 was up 1.2% and Toronto was up 1.4%

Shopify was up another 5.0%. American Express was up 3.5%. Couche-Tard was up 3.7%.

Melcor barely noticed its earnings release and dividend increase and was up just 0.8% and traded very thinly as usual.

Further to my comment about raising cash I sold more RioCan today. This was in a corporate account where I will face corporate tax on half the gain. I bought these shares at a discount in 2020 and bought for the expected capital gain. I will also be able to withdraw half the gain personally tax free (A capital dividend). I suspect RioCan will continue to be a good holding and am still holding some.

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