March 1, 2021

Markets were solidly higher on Monday, with the S&P 500 surging 2.5% and Toronto up 1.3%.

Notable gainers included Apple – up 5.4%,  WSP Global – up 8.15%, Berkshire Hathaway – up 3.6%, Linamar – up 4.1%, TFI International – up 3.3%.

As it turned out, Warren Buffett did not make an appearance on CNBC this morning. Maybe he decided that at 90 he does not need the exertion. Or it could have been due to the COVID-19. It’s just not as fun to do it over zoom. Also he would have been peppered with a lot of non-Berkshire questions which he probably tires of.

Turning back to the stocks on our  list:

Melcor released a new web site today for businesses to use in finding available space in their buildings. It a neat tool and allows a search in each City and potential tenasnts can filter to see office, retail, industrial space. And they can select their desired square footage range. There is also a map feature to quickly show where space is available in each City. It is easy to toggle between different search filters. All their buildings are included even those with no space currently available.

In related news the Calgary Real Estate Board released figures showing strong home sales in Calgary in January with prices up 8% year-over-year. While there is still  much uncertainty it does seem that the outlook for Melcor Development and the Melcor REIT should be improving.

I notice there is at least one legal firm encouraging investors to contact it about the allegedly inadequate price (or other allegations) that CRMH Medical is selling itself for. I doubt that this will go anyplace. Perhaps they will extract enough of a settlement to pay some fat lawyer fees and maybe a token amount to charity. I could be wrong, but I highly doubt that any money will flow to shareholders or that a higher bid will emerge. Sorry, lawyer friends, but I view this as a vulture activity. (At least in most cases.)

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