June 9, 2017 11 am eastern

North America stock markets are up about 0.4% this morning.

The U.S. banks are particularly strong.

The latest employment figures are out from Statistics Canada this morning and are very strong.

The unemployment rate in Quebec was down 0.6% to 6.0%, the lowest since these statistics started in 1976. This is remarkable. I have been following these figures to a greater or lesser extent since about 1980. To my recollection Quebec was always a have-not province with noticeably higher unemployment than Ontario. Something different and remarkable appears to be happening in Quebec.

I was not able to open the Statistics Canada web site for more details. I also did not receive the usual daily email from them. They had major problems with their site a month or two ago. I suspect it is not fully fixed. Every large organization now faces big risks from software as we are all so dependent on computer systems.

I noticed the comments about this positive jobs report on Yahoo Finance. Most people were ranting that the gains were only temporary. They are completely oblivious to the fact that the numbers are already seasonally adjusted.




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