June 16, 2021

On Wednesday markets were a bit weak with the S&P 500 down 0.5% and Toronto about unchanged.

Shopify was up once again, gaining 3.6%.

Linamar was down 3.5%.

Canadian Western bank was up 2.3%.

Markets were weaker as the Fed hinted at eventual interest rate increase.

There is a debate as to when and hoe fast rates will rise if they do at all anytime soon.

If you do expect rates to rise or want to be positioned for it then avoid longer term bonds for sure. Some of the rate reset shares would do well. But since they can be redeemed at $25, I don’t think those that are trading at $26 or close to $27 can be good bets for gains. Instead those that are well under $25 but that are issued by strong companies might be the better bet. I just sold my Enbridge rate reset pref shares at about $19.50. But if I wanted to bet on an interest rate increase then those shares might be a reasonable pick. 

Andrew Peller (wine) reported after the close with good results. 

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