July 4, 2015 – Amazon.com inc. added to our list

Amazon is added to our list but is rated Sell at $437.71.

As a customer I am a big fan of Amazon. (Especially because I recently saved over 80% by buying a generic printer toner cartridge through Amazon when other sources only had the over-priced HP brand — and by over-priced I am talking about $160 to $215 depending on the source for a printer cartridge, the generic which was new and not refilled was a stunning $17.50 each plus shipping when I bought two).

Amazon is changing the retail game. It also provides web services to businesses. It is a unique and truly amazing company. However based on the numbers I could not rate it a Buy.

Due to its position in the economy and what it is doing to other businesses it is certainly worth understanding even if the stock is not a Buy at this time.

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