July 30, 2018 7 am eastern some travel and market notes

I ate at the large BP at Niagara Falls, BP calls this a flagship location. On a Saturaday afternoon it was certainly very busy although not full. Almost any food and drink business in Niagara Falls seems to be quite busy due to the crowds.

Sunday morning early things were quit but a large Tim Hortons had a big line up.

Monday morning early a Starbucks was busy but nothing like the Tim Hortons had been been. Also the starbucks was out of regular tea. That’s poor performance not acceptable from a chain like that.

I think at Niagara Falls the free view of the Falls draws the crowds and then most people end up spending lots of money.

Constellation Software was down 9% on Friday after releasing Q2 earnings. It is a fantastic company but had looked over-valued. It will likely continue to do well long term. Personally, I am not a buyer at the current price.

Trump has said the U.S. would agree to a zero tariffs with the European Union if all non-tariff barriers were also eliminated. I have to agree with that approach. If countries want free trade let it be truly free. Canada should jump at any similar offer. Sorry dairy, poultry, and egg farmers but we need free trade.


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