January 6, 2019

The next update will be to add wine maker Andrew Peller back to the list. Its price is down to about $14 from highs of $19. With the recent market declines it was briefly under $12 in December. At $14 it is probably reasonably priced but not cheap and may end with a rating of (lower) Buy. Still, it might be nice to buy some especially for those that enjoy its products.

Looking ahead to the Q4, Canadian companies that earn much of their earnings outside of Canada will benefit from the lower Canadian dollar. This includes Stantec, WSP Global, TFI International, Fortis, Royal Bank, Linamar and to a lesser extent CN Rail.

Couche-Tard will not see a benefit in its reported earnings since it reports in U.S. dollars, but the value of those U.S. dollars is higher in Canada dollars. The same applies to CRH Medical.

Companies that import into Canada will be hurt by the lower Canadian dollar and that includes Canadian Tire and Dollarama.

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