January 28, 2021

Thursday was another exciting day in the markets. The S&P 500 ended the day up 1.0% and Toronto ended 1.3% higher.

AutoCanada was up 5.1%. American Express rose 4.3%. Constellation Software was up 4.0%.

Toll Brothers was down 1.9% and Melcor Developments was down 3.4%.

I am still hoping to buy back some of the TFI that I sold at $97 but was hoping to see a lower price. it closed today at $85.79. It may not decline unless the whole market is down. On February 8th they are expected to release a good earnings report. How the stock reacts then will depend on whether the earnings are even better than expected or not as good. The price of curse also gets pushed around with the market in general.


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