January 25, 2023

First, a comment about spam and dangerous emails.

I think we are all aware that the spammer are getting more sophisticated.

If you ever see an email purportedly from investorsfriend with an attachment or a PDF it is almost certainly fake. If in doubt delete and email me at shawn@investorsfriend.com to ask if I sent anything. My emails to subscribers including my automated emails usually have links but basically never attachments. 

I think most of us have learned to spot the scam emails. Always be careful. Sometimes what can work is to hover over a link and you can often see it is not from who they claim. 

Meanwhile on Wednesday markets ended the day little changed with the S&P 500 essentially unchanged and Toronto down just 0.15%.

Shopify was up a hefty 11%. This stock / company has not been for the faint of heart.

The Bank of Canada has paused its interest rate hikes at 4.5%.

The five year Canada bond yield is at 2.9%. That’s down from a peak around 3.9% three months ago. It seems to me that various investments yielding 5% or more are attractive. The Enbridge rate reset share on our list (now at $16.30) gets no respect or love and yet will yield 6.3% through the end of 2024 and then most likely reset to a higher dividend. In fact the dividend will increase on December 31, 2024 unless the 5 year Canada bond goes back below 1.44%. That’s possible but basically no one is predicting such a thing. 


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