January 20, 2022 1:50 pm eastern

I’m in Maui (Kapalua which is near Lahaina for those familiar with Maui) until the end of this month which is why I am posting at a different time of day than usual. The weather here has been consistently great day after day.

The property values here in Maui are through the roof. Possibly, higher interest rates could put a dent in that. But in general it seems like properties in the most desirable areas increase faster than in cheaper less desirable areas. 

With the Canadian dollar edging up the affordability of U.S real estate for Canadians is increasing. Not something i plan to do but those who spend months renting each year  winter in the U.S. are usually thinking of that. There are MANY pros and cons to such an idea. 

Today the S&P 500 is up 0.9% and Toronto is up 0.3%.

Not much to notice in individual stock prices. Shopify is up 2.6% and it could well be that it has bottomed.

Wow, West Texas Intermediate oil (WTI) is now US $86.75. I can’t predict where oil is headed but for now at least, this is very beneficial to Alberta. The first beneficiary is the oil companies and their share holders. The Alberta government benefits hugely as royalties rocket higher and also income taxes. The Canadian federal government also benefits from far higher income taxes. The benefits to the overall Alberta economy come slower but are also very positive. And a barrel of oil sold for $86 does not pollute or spew any more carbon than a barrel sold for $35. And if North America and the world is to consume oil, it’s nice if it can come from Alberta as opposed to certain other places. There is a downside in higher gasoline prices but overall the higher oil prices are massively beneficial to Alberta, most Albertans, Canada and some but certainly not all Canadians.



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