FedEx updated October 10, 2019

FedEx is updated and now rated only Speculative (lower) Buy at $138.39 (Its moved slightly higher at $140.49 as I post this). FedEx has been hurt early and hurt hard by the global slowdown in the manufacturing and industrial sector and the associated trade. They have slashed their adjusted earnings outlook to a drop of 16 to 29% for the current fiscal year ending May 31 2020. And that could worsen if trade tensions further escalate. But they are cutting costs and investing for growth in ecommerce and expect profits to resume growth in the next fiscal year. They also face another possible hit to their pension valuation as interest rates have declined once again. The company looks relatively cheap based on past earnings and is not expensive based on the projected lower earnings. It is possible that the share price is already reflecting the poor near term outlook. But overall given the weak outlook it is probably best to wait for a lower price and/or some sign of improvement including major progress on a China USA trade deal. I hold a very few shares and will continue to hold those and have placed an order to add to that if it happens top drop to $124.

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