December 21, 2022 P.S.

Canada’s population growth in 2022 is absolutely epic. A lot of it due to non-permanent residents from Ukraine. But many of them will stay and in any case they are here right now. The population increase in the first 9 months of 2022 was over 3/4 of a million. The highest annual total eve and we have the Q4 number to add to that. We are on track for a population increase of one million people in 2022! 

This has to be good for a lot of businesses such as cell phone companies, grocery stores and clothing stores. Almost all businesses probably get some benefit. This may not fully offset other headwinds in 2023 but it is a help.

Here’s details for Canada

Alberta got a massive population increase of 52,000 people in Q3 alone. Check out the graph here: It’s EPIC!

Seems like it would be a great time to own apartment buildings in Alberta.


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