October 29, 2012 Comments

With the U.S. markets closed for a “storm day” today (and tomorrow, Tuesday) not too much seemed to happen in the Canadian markets.

I saw some discussion that Canadian Tire needs to reduce costs. I am not sure how true that is. I do worry tht is’s dealer-owned stores while benefiting from entrepreneurialism at the store level, also leads to a sharing of profits. I did observe that Canadian Tire has higher gross margins (sounds good but means higher costs since profits are not that high). But it’s not clear that Canadain Tire should ever have the lower gross margins of a Walmart or Costco since those sell groceries, a notoriously lower gross margin business. Overall Canadian Tire looks cheap and I will take my chances on what Target does to it. Also it appears to me that Target is setting up in quite expensive digs having paid top dollar to take over the Zellers locations, that to my (limited) experience were a bit old and tired mostly and now paying to renovate (re-build) those tired old locations.

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