October 17, 2012 Comments

With another strong day in the markets we should keep in mind that there will be down days as well. Overall invesing in stocks tends to be rewarding but it can and will have its downs as well as ups.

The TSX was up 0.4% while the Dow was up very slightly. The S&P 500 was up 0.4%. As far as our stock picks go, Constellation Software was up another 2.0%. It has been rising nicely. I don’t know the reason but a quick look shows that they continue to grow and make acquisitions and they have announced winning some new customers. They will release earnings after the close on October 31.

Toll Brothers was up 1.8% on news that U.S. housing starts were up 15% to an annual rate of 872,000. That is still low compared to Canada which is I believe around 185,000 units and the U.S. is often regarded as roughly 10 times larger.

Wells Fargo was up 2.2%.

I neglected to mention that on Monday I did buy back the Wells Fargo shares that I said in the October 13 post that I was tempted to buy back. They were down on Monday and I bought.

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