November 15, 2012 Comments

I took a quick read of the Walmart Q3 report that caused its share price to drop 3.6%. I could not see the bad news. It all looked good to me. Continued modest growth is what I saw. I would be inclined to buy Walmart on this pull-back.

It was a weak day in the markets with Toronto down 1.0% and the U.S. markets down slightly.

Toll Brothers closed down just 0.1% at $29.73. However the Buy order that I placed yesterday got filled at $29. So with one day down and the rest of eternity to go, that looks like a good buy so far.

Boston Pizza closed down 2.9% to $17.99. This may be due to fears that the Hockey strike will affect, which is probably true although that will be temporary. I’d consider nibbling at this price.

Walmart was down 3.6% to $68.72. I had sold my Walmart On October 3 to raise cash. It was sold at $73.63. I will consider buying back at this price.

Bombardier is down to $2.99 after getting a credit downgrade to BB (which indicates high risk) and canceling a debt issue. It might be a good investment but is speculative. I don’t know enough about it to really understand the risks. I own a small amount.

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