November 12, 2012 1:30 Comments

Today is a holiday for some, but the markets are open.

The big news among the stocks on our list was a friendly take-over offer for the Brick Ltd. at $5.40 per share. The stock is up 52% form it’s close on Friday. And it is up 126% from the $2.35 at which we added it to this site and rated it a Speculative Buy on October 11, just over one year ago.

Admittedly we only saw it as sort of luke-warm and it was not one we kept on top of.

It does illustrate that sometimes good things can happen when you buy something out of favor as long as the company is capable of surviving to see better days.

It also illustrates that sometimes companies are worth a lot more than the market would indicate.

Canadian Tire fell another 2% today. On that news I bought 200 more shares at just under $68.50. Possibly that is just an act of stubbornness on my part. My modus-operandi has always been to buy what looks cheap to me.

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