May 28, 2013 Comments

It seems crazy just how good the U.S. market and out stock picks have done this year, especially after doing so well last year. I’d appreciate it if you could spread the word to friends and family about this web site.

It was another strong day on the markets. This was due to positive economic reports. The S&P 500 was up 0.6% and Toronto was up 0.4%.

We had Microsoft up 2.2%, Berkshire up 1.3%, Wells Fargo up 0.8% and Bank of America up 0.7%.

Toll Brothers was down 1.0% despite the strong housing price report. This is most likely due tot he fact that Toll Brothers has a very high P/E and is already pricing in a huge increase in earnings.

Melcor is set to pay a dividend of 75 cents on June 28 to shareholders of record as of June 14. 25 cents is the regular twice yearly dividend and 50 cents is a special dividend.

With the shares trading at around $19 that is a dividend of 3.9% on June 28. That seems attractive on its face. But, in theory, Melcor shares should decline about 75 cents right after June 11 (or so) when it goes ex-dividend. In theory those of us who own shares should not be at all excited by the dividend since the company is in effect giving us what we already own. But practical reality may be different than theory. I am not sure Melcor will decline much due to the dividend. I believe it is easily worth the $19 with or without the extra 50 cent dividend. I own quite a few shares. When it pays the dividend that will be the largest dividend I have ever received all at once by a factor of about three. My own money or not, it will be nice to receive it into my accounts.


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