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My personal portfolio composition is updated

After Thursday’s market surge, my own portfolio is up a surprising and rather satisfying 16.4% in 2012.

Here is a summary of how all our stock picks have done since the start of 2012.

InvestorsFriend Inc.’s performance – Year 2012
As of June 30, 2012, the TSX is down 3.0%, the Dow is up 5.4% and the S&P 500 is up 8.3%. Our average Buy or higher rated stock is up 7.3%. A notable loser is Research in motion down 49%. It was the only Strong Buy that we called Speculative. The speculative part was accurate.
Group Rating to start 2012 Price Increase Our Performance
Average of 6 strong buys Strong Buy 6.30% good
Average of 17 buys Buy 7.60% good
Average for all 23 buys and strong buys       7.30%  
Average of 2 weak buys Weak Buy 21.70% very good
Average of 1 weak sells Weak Sell 14.00% bad
Average for all 8 Neutral ratings (weak buy or weak sell) 19.10%
Average of 1 Sells Sell -2.20%
Rated As – Strong Buy at January 1, 2012
Name Beginning 2012 Price Starting Rating Current Price Price Increase Our Performance
Microsoft (MSFT, NASDAQ) 25.96 Strong Buy 30.59 18% good
Wells Fargo (WFC, United States) 27.56 Strong Buy 33.44 21% very good
Stantec Inc. (STN, Toronto) 27.57 Strong Buy 29 5% good
Research in Motion Limited (RIMM, U.S., RIM. Toronto) 14.5 Speculative Strong Buy 7.39 -49% very poor
Canadian Western Bank (CWB, Toronto) 25.8 (lower) Strong Buy 26.42 2% good
Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc., ATD.B 31.7 (lower) Strong Buy 44.46 40% very good
Average Strong buy Strong buy 6.30% good
Rated As – Buy
Name Beginning 2012 Price Rating to start 2012 Current Price Price Increase Our Performance
Wal-Mart (WMT, New York) 59.76 (Higher) Buy 69.72 17% good
Canadian Tire (CTC.a, TO) 65.9 (higher) Buy 68.88 5% good
Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund (BPF.un, Toronto) 14.19 (higher) Buy 17.34 22% very good
MELCOR DEVELOPMENTS LTD. (MRD, Toronto) 13.17 (higher) Buy 15.5 18% good
Shaw Communications Inc. (SJR.b, Toronto SJR, New York) 20.25 (higher) Buy 19.24 -5% bad
Walgreen (WAG, New York) 33.06 (higher) Buy 29.58 -11% bad
FirstService Preferred (FSV.PR.U, Toronto) 24.76 Buy 25 1% good
FedEx (FDX,NY) 83.51 Buy 91.61 10% good
Canadian National Railway Company (CNR, Toronto CNI, New York) 80.15 Buy 86.1 7% good
Canadian Oil Sands Limited (COS, T) 23.25 Buy 19.72 -15% bad
Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (BRKB, New York) 76.3 Buy 83.33 9% good
Bombardier Series 4 Preferred Shares (BBD.PR.C, Toronto) 23 Buy 23.92 4% good
Preferred Shares of RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.PR.A, Toronto) 25.81 Buy 25.6 -1% bad
Toll Brothers Inc. (TOL, New York) 20.42 Speculative Buy 29.73 46% very good
The Brick Inc. (BRK, Toronto) 3.08 Speculative Buy 4.11 33% very good
Omni-Lite Industries Canada Inc. (OML, Toronto Venture Exchange) 1.39 Speculative Buy 1.17 -16% bad
FIRSTSERVICE CORPORATION (FSV, Toronto) (FSRV, NASDAQ) 26.49 Speculative (lower) Buy 27.97 6% good
Average Buy Buy 7.60% good
Rated As Weak Buy
Name Beginning 2012 Price Rating to start 2012 Current Price Price Increase Our Performance
eBay (eBay, NASDAQ) 30.33 Weak Buy 42.01 39% very good
RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust (REI.UN, Toronto) 26.43 Weak Buy 27.7 5% good
Average Weak Buy Weak Buy 21.70% very good
Rated As – Weak Sell
Name Beginning 2012 Price Rating to start 2012 Current Price Price Increase Our Performance
Costco (COST, N) 83.32 Weak Sell 95 14% bad
Average Weak Sell Weak Sell 14.00% bad
Rated As – Sell
Name Beginning 2012 Price Rating to start 2012 Current Price Price Increase Our Performance
Canadian Western Bank Preferred Shares (CWB.PR.A, Toronto) 27.35 Sell 26.75 -2% good
Average Sell Sell -2%

Research in Motion is updated and rated Highly Speculative Strong Buy at U.S. $7.39 (Canadian $7.54). This company is obviously now very unstable and difficult to predict. It really is not the type of company that is at all well suited to our analysis techniques. (Due to earnings which appear to be turning negative).

This company may represent an opportunity but it is certainly not for the faint of heart.

On the conference call the management seemed optimistic for how Blackberry 10 will do once it is launched in about 8 months. But also they seemed a bit robotic (not showing a lot of emotion) and not that forthcoming on some questions.


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