July 12, 2014 Comments

On Friday, the S&P 500 and Toronto were little changed, each up about 0.1%.

Wells Fargo is updated and rated Buy at $51.40. Due partly to its price rise (up 13% this year to date), I am no longer rating this a Strong Buy. It’s still considered a Buy and a good long-term investment.

I have followed this bank on the site since February of 2009 when it was very low due to the financial crisis. At that time it was looking cheap on a book value basis but also speculative given the financial crisis. It is up 372% since being added to this site as a highly speculative Buy at $10.91 on February 22, 2009. It then rose rapidly as the stock market recovered sharply in 2009. It is up 92% since being rated a Strong Buy on February 15, 2010 at $26.88. During 2010 and 2011 it was volatile, climbing to close to $35 each of those years before going back under $25. Since late 2011 it has doubled in a fairly steady climb although with some modest pull-backs along the way. Basically it has rewarded patience and fundamental investors. Its volatility has probably left those using stop loss orders wishing they had not.

At this time those who have big gains on it and especially where it may be too large a portion of an equity portfolio (which may mean over 5% or over 10% depending on risk tolerance) may wish to reduce their position. And particularly in non-taxable accounts where one does not have to worry about triggering a capital gain.

Wells Fargo represents about 13% of my portfolio and about 16% of my equities. (I have a high risk tolerance, risk capacity). Given that it is now rated Buy rather than Strong Buy it is probably prudent for me to reduce my position.

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