January 5, 2013 Comments (From Lloydminster)

Friday was another positive day in the markets.

I finished selling out everything in my margin account. 200 shares of Canadian Tire were sold but were replaced with an equal buy in an RRSP account. 3000 shares of Melcor were sold. 500  shares of Shaw Communication were sold. Again, this selling was to clear out the margin account. I would have preferred to keep these stocks.

I mentioned I had a problem accessing TD Waterhouse when I updated to Windows 8. That was resolved by added TD to a short list of sites that are to be opened in compatibility mode. This is available under tools on internet explorer.

At the moment I am down to about 75% equity (and 25% cash).

My next step is to withdraw some of that cash in the margin account and to use it also for contributions to RRSP and TSFA. Also will move some more business cash into the business investment account. I plan to update my portfolio break down (percent I have invested in each stock) in the next day or so. I will be looking to buy a few of the higher rated stocks that I don’t already own and perhaps replace some of what was sold from the margin account.

It would not upset me to see a pull-back in the market to facilitate some buying. On the other hand if stocks continue to rise in value I can certainly live with that.


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