January 2, 2012 Comments

The composition of my own portfolio has been updated. It includes mainly Strong Buys and (higher) Buys from the list above but also one two that are Buy rated. My portfolio is by almost any standard over concentrated in a few stocks and I may work to reduce the concentration.

Trading for 2012 starts tomorrow. A few companies in the list above were well out of date. I have now removed these form the list. Some of these might return especially if I think that they would be good buys. I don’t think I would consider any of these to be Sells. If I held them I would be in no big hurry to sell. Then again, I have not looked at them recently. The removed companies are:

Staples, Telus Tim Hortons, Visa, Aeroplan, Bombardier, Constellation Software, Reitmans, and TMX Group.

So, we start the year with:

9 U.S. companies

5 Canadian companies that are also listed in the U.S. for a total of 14 U.S. listed

6 Canadian companies

7 higher yield Canadian entities

27 investment choices in total.

7 entities are rated in the Strong Buy category (but please consider the full report and the reasons why we think it is a Strong Buy and all the comments in the report)

5 are rated (higher) Buy and 10 are rated Buy.

I hope to add a few new companies before too long and some of those deleted from the list may return.

Generally speaking stocks appear attractive as we enter 2012. There are, as always, risks. World events could push the entire market lower at any time. And individual companies are always subject to negative developments. Stock investors tend to do well over time but it is not without periods of losses.

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