January 15, 2014 Comments

On Wednesday the S&P 500 was up 0.5% and was at a record high today of 1851 before closing at 1848. Toronto was up 0.6%.

Bank of America released higher-than-expected Q4 earnings this morning and rose 2.3% to $17.15. This stock is up 10% since January 1. Wells Fargo also rose today to $46.40. While I continue to like both and hold both I may enter orders just to trim a bit if they keep rising.

Another notable gainer today was CN, up 2.5%.

It was in the news today and yesterday that General Motors is reinstating its dividend for the first time in some years. This is sort of true but not really. The predecessor company General Motors Corporation went bankrupt and changed its name to liquidation Motors Inc. and has really nothing to do with the new company, General Motors Company. The new company General Motors Company, bought much of the assets from the the bankrupt General Motors Corporation but it is a new and separate company. I think this is an important distinction. GM’s web site under “company” states: “Our story starts on November 18, 2010, when we completed the world’s largest initial public offering…” The financial press may be willing to pretend that the old GM emerged from bankruptcy and still exists, but that is not technically true. And the bankruptcy should not be forgotten.

The business news these days is mixed. Some companies are unfortunately “laying off” aka terminating employees. Other companies like Desjardins and Gold Corp are making big acquisitions. As is almost always the case, those who fear the markets will find reasons for fear and those who are optimistic will find reasons for optimism.

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