April 6, 2012 Comments

The latest edition of our free newsletter was sent out today.

Stocks were down on Thursday. And today, Friday the jobs report in the U.S. was disappointing and could send stocks down on Monday.  Nevertheless, I feel good about holding stocks at this time.

The Financial Post’s Barry Critchley indicated to me that he is going to do a story on the share sale by Constellation Software that I have been mentioning. My only concern and it is not a huge concern given the size of the company is why the company should pay any of the costs involved for OMERs to sell shares. While it is small dollars, Constellation strikes my as an exceptionally shareholder friendly and rational company (no or few stock options issued for example). So it was disappointing to see Constellation paying any of the costs which does not seem like a shareholder friendly thing to do. I am looking forward to the story.

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