April 11, 2013 Comments

MicroSoft was down 4.4% today on news that PC sales have fallen. It has risen about that much in the past few days. I decided to sell my shares and move on. I had been wanting to raise cash anyhow. MicroSoft is a complicated company and basically I did not have that much conviction or emotional attachment around owning it and so is easier for me to sell that as opposed to something like Wells Fargo that I have rated higher and bought often. Also MicroSoft seems like a difficult company to predict given technological changes.

In general the U.S. market was positive today and Canada lost ground.

Tomorrow (Friday) morning Wells Fargo will release earnings. I suspect they will have done well. Interest rate spreads (net interest margin) will likely be a little lower however. Credit losses should be steady or improved. There will be some expenses to settle litigation and related matters around the whole mortgage fiasco situation of circa 2008 but much or all of that will have already been booked in previous quarters.


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