Comment on WSP Global and others July 3, 2022

My next update will be for WSP Global. It will be rated somewhere in the Buy range. What a difference nearly a year makes. My last update on WSP called it a a (lower) Buy at $162.67 last August.  I concluded that it was a strong company that was more than fully valued despite that its near-term outlook for earnings was quite strong.  In fact since then earnings have been up very strongly but the price is down to $145.54. Now the P/E ratio is much more reasonable – although not cheap – at 27. Cash permitting, I am interested in buying some WSP Global shares.

Another company I want to mention is Berkshire . It’s at $277.50. My last update called it a Weak Buy / Hold at $352 only three months ago on April 3. I think the pull-back here is likely a buying opportunity. 

I would not get in a powerful hurry to buy anything but I think the recent market declines are likely an opportunity to at least nibble on many quality investments.


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