Bausch Health Valeant Aug 1, 2021

I see Bausch Health is in the news about lawsuits dating back to 2015 or so. This was about aggressive /misleading accounting under its former name Valeant Pharmaceuticals. That’s one I got right as I called it a sell at about $330 in 2015 and it very soon went down to about $38 and has stayed there. Basically it is still being accused of a sleasy maneuver to this day. I have no opinion on whether it has reformed. But I try to avoid unethical companies like the plague (i.e. like COVID?). I’m not talking about when a company sells an unhealthy product –  that’s no big concern to me. I’m talking about when I see evidence of very aggressive tax avoidance or highly exaggerated profits. I can forgive poor business performance where there is effort. But I can never forgive unethical accounting and such.

Here was my comment on Bausch (Valeant) from 2016. I hope I helped one or more readers dodge a bullet on that one.


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