August 23, 2018

On Thursday, the S&P 500 was down 0.2% and Toronto was down 0.1%.

AutoCanada was down 5.1%. If new management are successful in their plans to substantially increase earnings, those earnings are not likely to start to materialize until Q4. Q3 could show a lot of progress but will also likely have costs associated with the management change including the compensation cost of rights (options) granted to the new management. When the stock price would start to anticipate gains is difficult to predict.

Toll Brothers declined 2.8% giving back more of its recent gain. Home Building stocks seem to be unpopular at this time and so Toll is trading at a low multiple to earnings and relatively low premium to book value. Meanwhile Toll is predicting double digit earnings per share gains for its fiscal 2019. It is currently in Q4 of fiscal 2018.


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