August 2, 2017 10 am eastern

On Tuesday the S&P 500 was up 0.2% while Toronto was up 0.4%.

Toll Brothers was up 2.2%.

AutoCanada was down 3.6%. That was in spite of some news that July auto sales were very strong in Canada but weak in the U.S. However Chrysler sales were down and AutoCanada has more Chrysler dealers than any other brand. It does have GM dealers which did well. AutoCanada dealers should be doing well in comparison to 2016. We will find out with the Q2 earnings release next Thursday August 10, after the close.

CRH Medical will announce earnings after the close today, I understand. They just announced another acquisition this time of 55% of a anesthesia practice in Florida. And, they said the pace of acquisitions will accelerate. The stock price did not react to the news. It seems to me the market is pricing the company as if it is in trouble or badly wounded and yet the company appears to be forging ahead (albeit there will be a hit to profits in 2018 due to recent fee reimbursement reductions by medical insurance companies). I added to my position yesterday. I am not sure how prudent that was given the uncertainty of the Q2 report. But investing in stocks has never been a matter of certainties, more a matter of probabilities. Especially in the case of smaller companies.



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