April 24, 2023

On Wednesday the S&P 500 was down just 0.1% while Toronto was down 0.7%.

Tesla, which is not on our list but which I believe I have mentioned in the comments was up 12%.

CN Rail was down 4.8%. This will likely prove to be a little buying opportunity.

I added a little to my Enbridge position today.

Aecon Group reported another loss after the close. I barely glanced at the press release but once again this pathetic management blames “four legacy contracts”. They build huge projects but seem to be terrible at cost control. But those particular four projects are thankfully winding down. They have a new CFO and when I get time I will toss a few insults his way. It’s cathartic if nothing else. Any insults I toss will be based on some detailed analysis.

Next I will be diving into Stantec’s annual report and results for an update. It has a fantastic long term track record. But it did have a weak patch some years ago when they got into some of the fixed price construction business like Aecon does. They got into that in England sort of accidentally when they made an acquisition that came with some construction business in addition to their bread and butter fee-for-service engineering work which is WAY less risky.


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