April 2, 2018 noon eastern time

The second quarter of 2018 has started off on a negative tone with the DOW currently down 492 points or 2.0%.

This appears to be due (at least partly) to escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China.

Toll Brothers is down 4.7% at the moment to $41.22 which is significantly more than the market and may be due to an analyst downgrade and/or concerns about higher interest rates and the impact on the housing market. Given my recent rating of (higher) Buy at $43.91 I decided to add what amounted to 5% to my already heavy allocation to this company. I have had good success over the years on buying stocks on dips including Toll Brothers. It has solid assets and a record of growth over the long term. The company itself also has a recent history of buying back shares quite aggressively on dips.

This morning I also sold the portion of my Constellation Software shares that were in an RRSP (therefore no income tax implications) and I placed an order to sell a portion of the shares I hold in a taxable account if the price happened to rise to $925.

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