April 16, 2024

A big day today:

  1. March inflation numbers came out and the the headline increase was 2.9% year over year (so still running hot). BUT key core measures used by the Bank of Canada were lower than expected at around 2%. Good news!
  2. The federal budget came out. The big surprise was an increase in the capital gains inclusion rate but with a $250k level for individuals remaining at the old 50% level.
  3. The security issue that was blocking a lot of users from getting to my site has finally been resolved. I’m more than willing to refund some subscription fees for anyone that wants that. I’ll do it on a request basis.

Meanwhile the S&P 500 was down 0.2% and Toronto was down 0.45%.

Tesla was down about 3% today and is laying off 10% of stocks. I don’t have a rating on it and it is a volatile stock. But id do own a little and I drive a Tesla and I will add on dips, funds permitting. I got to use the Full Self Driving free trial for only about 5 days. But I liked it a lot. I’d consider a monthly subscription at the expected price around $150 Canadian. You can’t snooze while in that mode. The software require you to pretty much keep your hands on the wheel. It will even disable self driving for a week if you fail to keep hands on wheel enough. It’s okay to take hands off for a minute or two. I got two warnings as I was enjoying the novelty of hands off.

Next update will be for Enbridge now that the crazy certificate issue is resolved.

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