Alimentation Couche-Tard (Circle-K) Updated January 16, 2023

The report on Couche-Tard is updated and rated Buy at $63.36. What an incredible company this has been for decades! I weep about the times I sold it at a good profit only to miss out on larger gains. Such is life. More and more I am learning that the best companies should never be sold unless the valuation looks extreme. I’ve always liked this company although I occasionally thought it was too expensive. At this point Couche-Tard does face some risks certainly in terms of the Electric Vehicles. People will charge those mostly at home and many neighbourhood gas stations will have to close by at least 2035 and possibly earlier. But Couche-Tard also has its convenience stores which did amazingly well even when people largely stopped driving during the pandemic. Beer, lottery tickets and smokes probably saved the day. Management of this company has always been very ambitious and very competent. So they will likely find a way to continue to thrive. 

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