Newsletter March 9, 2002 Newsletter March 9, 2002

The Investor’s Friend:

I recently registered the name because that is how I think of my Site. I will be resolute in giving you honest information designed to help you. Sure, I’ll try to make some money but only in selling valuable research, not flogging junk or hype and not ever by trying to pump up a stock so that I can sell my shares, a practice I consider to be beneath contempt. It’s interesting that the name was still available. Perhaps it is because few other investment related services think of themselves as being friends to investors.

Contract Opportunity:

I am entertaining the idea of paying on a piece work basis, a part-time helper to do some of the preliminary data entry and analysis which I would then complete in order to get more companies covered. There might not be a lot of money involved but this will be an exceptional opportunity to learn the skills of fundamental stock analysis.

Initially I would require the applicant to complete at least two reports free of charge with multiple iterations until we get it right. The applicant must also be willing to study the articles on my Site and to purchase and study intensively certain important investment books . I would supply a template and detailed step by step instructions. The helper would have to be willing to work strictly to my methods. The helper would work from their own house and computer.

Requirements include a strong familiarity with balance sheets and income statements. Business experience involving profit and loss responsibility is a strong asset. Formal degrees and designations are an asset but not a strict requirement. I intend to teach the applicant exactly how to analyze a business.

Interested persons should email me and I will then send back a detailed application form.


I am always interested in your feedback about the Site, What features would you like to see? I can’t accommodate all requests due to time constraints but nevertheless knowing what you want will help me as the Site evolves.

Site Marketing:

I recently received (from a friend) a harmless and interesting but “chain” type email. The email had a link to a Web Site and the counter indicated that it achieved 38,000 hits in about 7 days. That is impressive! I’d like to send my members a brief email that contains a link to my site and a few words recommending the Site. I will ask you to forward it on to a few people on your distribution list (if you have such) and also ask them to pass it along. I propose to send my request to you shortly. There is of course no obligation, but I assuming that most of would agree that my Site is a useful resource and would not mind helping out. If you have a strenuous objection to even receiving such an email (which you are free to delete), let me know.

President Bush

President Bush recently said that insiders should report their trades within two days. I’m glad he agrees with my similar suggestion in my article from last year. Here is what I said last May:

In addition the Ontario Securities Commission should require much faster reporting of insider trading. Ideally, companies would be required to report planned insider trades, at least one day prior to the trade. At a minimum, reports of insider trading should be filed within 3 days of each trade.

President Bush rocks!

Smart Growth strategies Versus Stupid Growth Strategies:

Most commentators and company managements seem to believe that investors should fall all over themselves to pay exorbitant prices for any promise of growth. Here are my thoughts on Smart growth strategies (Loblaw and CIBC) versus Stupid Growth Strategies (Nortel and arguably Telus). See

How to Pick Winning Stocks For Beginners:

This is a new article that explains the basics of how to pick stocks based on fundamentals.

Under the Articles section of the Site you will also find more advanced techniques and a wealth of other information related to understanding the markets.


Canadian Medical Laboratories (Strong Buy) and Precision Drilling (Weak Buy) were both updated since my last newsletter. More updates are coming…


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The Investor’s Friend…
Shawn Allen